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Corporate Introduction

Company  Introduction

Chinese Pu 'er    World Guandao

Guandao pu 'er investment Co.LTD was founded in February 2015,which  is a platform company integrating culture, service, finance, social contact and public welfare. The company develops and promotes pu 'er tea culture to integrate  resources,with high growth as the investment direction, with high-end business club of Guan Dao Shan She as management platform, with cultural promotion as marketing method, and combined Internet online marketing platform,  through cross-border integration and model innovation to realize distinctive entity management and create  new marketing model of  tea industry.

Guandao Pu 'er was officially listed at Euronext on June 29, 2018, which means Guandao shares officially entered the stage of international capital market and won the recognition of world capital market. With the help of the platform of Euronext, Guandao pu 'er company will speed up its investment and development, and cooperate with foreign excellent catering retail enterprises to create new marketing model of  tea industry for Yunnan Pu’er Tea exploiting European market . As the first stock in the capital market of global pu 'er tea industry, Guandao Company has stepped out of the important step that the brand of  pu 'er reachs to the world.

As  the diversified development platform company, Guandao Pu 'er is making efforts to forge resource platform and social circle with the carrier of Guan Dao Shan She club.  Through this platform, it not only can open more tea product marketing channels, but also can strengthen resource exchange within industry and cross-industry, which will expand more development opportunities and profit possibilities for partners,  form a mutual beneficial and symbiotic win-win  development model,  and build a new industry benchmark in the field of shared economy.