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Corporate Culture

One : Ideological system

First: core idea

Benefit others and ourselves、Taste and think life、Keep integrity and break routine、Step to world steady

• Benefit others and ourselves: make others and ourselves beneficial, get mutual win-win

The business model of Guan dao is based on the common growth of the partners within the platform. Only with forming a virtuous cycle of mutual gaining and jointly making the cake bigger and bigger,so that  we  can reap our own fruits .

• Taste and think life: keep  virtue forever, give back to society

Tea character is just like human’s , and business ethic is also human’s. Guandao pu 'er always follows the ancient motto of "care the world while you are better off", promotes the combination of good and business, advocates the good life, and does its due responsibility for the harmonious society.

• Keep integrity and break routine: stick to  right track, come up with novel strategy

Guandao pu 'er follows right way and operates in accordance with law. In terms of operating means, it is brave in innovation and does not conform to the rules, achieving the effect of surprise victory and creating a stable and high-speed operation road for partners.

• Step to world steady: be solid and stable, advance bravely

The original meaning of "qian" in divinatory symbol is progressing steadily. Guandao pu 'er always believes that "no steps can lead to thousands of miles". We should start from bit by bit ,advance teadily ,with  precise and strong goal, to open up a road leading to a better tomorrow.

Second: management aim

Invest life with soul capital    arm thought with advanced culture

Inspire wisdom with great love   make beautiful China with Guan dao’s public welfare

Third: corporate vision

Platform industry benefits operators  Virtuous company trains foundation builders

Two: cultural characteristic

First: win hand in hand

Guan dao is all interests’ Guan dao, including employees, consumers and shareholders.Only if all theinterests continue to achieve a win-win situation, Guan dao will be able to achieve sustainable operation.In order to realize this goal, Guan dao has already formed and consummated the win-win pattern with Guan dao  characteristic.Through scientific and rigorous management, specialized operation, innovation of industrial integration and integration of industrial resources, we want  each partner to realize its own value,and the enterprise value and shareholder value can be fully embodied.

Second: care staff

Guandao pu’er regards each employee as a business partner and is committed to constantly improving the employee's personal ability and happiness index.Guan dao pu 'er invests millions of RMB every year in employee training and welfare treatment, and formulates systems such as meal subsidy, transportation subsidy, housing subsidy, and irregular vacation.We  truly consider the development of employees and want to gather more excellent talents for guandao pu 'er.

Third: possess integrity and competence

Guandao pu 'er takes "possess integrity and competence" as a common requirement of  partners and employees. We advocate that  virtue is in priority, sticking  to the right path, constantly challenging itself in the development process, seeking common ground while reserving differences, and pursuing growth in all aspects of body and mind.

Four:  emphasis on efficiency

As a modern listed company, Guandao pu’er attaches great importance to efficiency and execution. We try our best to seek efficiency from time and management, and produce the greatest achievements in the shortest time.

Five: carry forward culture

Tea culture is the essence of Chinese traditional culture. Guandao pu 'er, as the inheritor and propagator of tea culture, is dedicated to spread tea culture to  all over the world along "One Belt And One Road". Through tea product promotion, tea art training, cooperation with colleges and universities,it will form the cultural communication covering all regions and ages.

Six: support charity with business

Guandao pu’er carries out various public welfare activities relying on  public welfare charities ,such as international SOS emergency relief foundation, world e-family kind fund, Yunnan provincial youth development fund, taking 5% of profits as  budget to participate in charity projects such as helping poverty regions and  constructing hope primary school.