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Guandao’s Tea Introduction

After investigation of tea mountains and tea pants across China, Guan dao finally chose a large-scale, high-quality and reputable Pu 'er Tea manufacturer, signed a standardized production cooperation agreement, according to the requirements of Guan dao Pu 'er to produce tea with ancient prescription. From the withering to pressed into teacakes, we do not pursue production speed, but we only pursue every type of tea to be perfect. Guandao Pu 'er requires precise and strict steps so that our prduction can stand the test of the market.

Yunnan Pu 'er is made of Shaiqinmao tea leaves of Yunnan big leaves species, with numerous original places and mixed quality. As the saying goes, good tea grows in the mountain with cloud and fog , that is to say, the elevation is higher, the tea quality is better. Many factors, such as altitude, region, soil, water quality, longitude and latitude, determine the taste and quality of each type of tea, and even the shape of tea leaves. Raw material of Guan dao Pu’er Tea is from six ancient tea mountains in Menghai county, beautiful Xi shuang ban na. Its average elevation is 1700 meters, and the highest elevation is up to 1900 meters, which is a subtropical plateau monsoon climate zone, no cold winter, no hot summer. There are only two seasons in a year——dry and wet seasons. The tea mountains is mist throughout the year, with moist and fertile soil, long sunshine hours, a lots of fog, abundant rainfall, which is conducive to the growth of tea trees and nutrient accumulation .The original ecological ancient tea grow in such an environment which is free from pesticides, fertilizers and air pollution, it grows slowly but has better quality.

Guandao Pu 'er has precise and strict requirements about raw materials strictly, selecting the superior among the superior. The tea selected whose leaf shape is wide, thick, covered with pekoe,classified strictly according to the grade.After the taste of tea is determined, there are at least two national tests should be conducted to ensure that there is no agricultural residue.All Customers who have visited the production process of Guandao Pu 'er praised the further refinement of craftsmanship. In Guan Dao Shan She club located all over the country, Guandao Pu 'er combines professional brewing skills to achieve different taste of different tea leaves after brewing, so as to provide tea for the Guandao family.

Guandao Pu 'er Tea has three kinds of tastes:Fragrant,Sweet and Bitter, and they  have their own merits:

Xigui mountain Tea is sweet and soft, the sweet after taste lasts long, and its fragrance is unique, so it is used to make fragrant tea.

Bulang mountain Tea has a strong bitter taste, the sweet after taste lasts long and it is conducive to induces saliva, so it is used to make bitter tea.

Nanniao mountain Tea is sweet, the sweet after taste and aftertaste lasts long, along with fragrance, so it is used to make sweet tea.

Guandao Pu 'er now mainly launched a series of products:

Guandao Pu 'er sweet series——Guan Dao Shan She

Guandao Pu 'er fragrant series——Pin Cha Lun Dao

Guandao Pu 'er bitter series——Chan Cha Yi Wei

Guandao green orange

Guandao black tea

Guandao brick tea of ancient trees

Guandao Iceland ecological tea

Guandao Iceland