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Guandao Pu’er, made by Master

Guandao Pu’er, made by Master

After more than a month of hard work, the first batch of tea of Guandao Pu'er for its listed anniversary was finally released---No.: 1-100, which will be sold globally from now on, collectors send information to the company mailbox:

Guandao Pu’er, made by Master

The collection tea of Guandao Pu’er for its listed anniversary is made of large-leaf sundried green-wool tea of Yunnan. The age of tea tree is more than 500 years. After years of storage, the tea material is manually pressed into cakes, which is convenient for long-term storage. The longer the year, the higher the value (nutritional health value and collection value).

According to the prediction of Pu'er Tea experts, the value of this tea collection for more than five years can be increased by 3-5 times! At the same time, Guandao Puer Investment Co., Ltd. will also bargain with collectors for its repurchase on the fifth anniversary of listing.

This collection tea is brewed in boiling water of 100 degrees. The soup is bright with apricot yellow, clear and thick, fragrant, mellow and full-bodied, sweet and long-lasting. Each tea (8g) Guandao Pu’er, made by Master

The price of each cake tea:¥20,186.29 , to commemorate the first anniversary of the listing of Guandao Pu'er (listing date: June 29, 2018)!

The collection tea, launched by Guandao Pu'er Investment Co., Ltd. is authorized to entrust Kunming Hengzhuang Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. to supervise its production. Therefore, collectors pay deposits or full payment into the account number: Kunming Hengzhuang Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., account number: 5305 0192 5037 0000 0288 (Kunming Jinxiu Branch of Construction Bank). Or collection account of legal person: 6222 6205 9001 0397 572 (household name: Cheng Yanchao, Kunming Chenggong Branch of Communications Bank).

The consultation hotline of collection tea: +86-0871-67413722.